Snapdragon Spaces Brings Change to Headworn AR


  • Snapdragon Spaces XR developer platform has been facing the developers download

  • User can now purchase the first support Snapdragon Spaces of hardware development kits, including Lenovo ThinkReality A3 smart glasses and the motorola edge+smartphone

  • As previously released $ 1 billion Xiaolong yuan universe Fund part of the project, Qualcomm Ventures announced an investment echo3D and Tripp

2022  6  on  1  November, the Santa Clara --the high-pass technology company today for a global developer of open  Snapdragon Spaces XR developer platform  download. Snapdragon Spaces in 2021 11 on launch, with proven Mature technology, and open across the terminal level of the platform and ecosystem, providing developers with the realization of creative tools, and the change of the head-mounted AR possibilities. Thanks to the XR field of the continuous investment and research, the high-pass technology company has become a element of the universe of the key enabling persons. In addition to the downloaded Snapdragon Spaces outside, developers can now also purchase a hardware development kit, in the commercial hardware products to build head-mounted AR experience. This series of initiatives to highlight the high-pass technology company in the meta-universe ahead of the process, committed to promoting the XR innovation and determination.

Snapdragon Spaces  now support download

TheAr/vr Development Android Board use of Snapdragon Spaces build a brand new experience. Download Snapdragon Spaces platform to get a variety of basic tools, you can start from zero for AR glasses to create a 3D application, or in the existing Android smartphone 2D applications to increase the head-mounted AR characteristics.

Part of the early access to the open permissions to the developers have been based on the Snapdragon Spaces to create and provide real-time feedback, and seamless integration of the real world and the digital world of head-mounted AR experience is becoming a reality.

forwARdgame CEO Tim Friedland said:“We have worked with more for the Unity of the AR system. We were delighted to discover, by means of the Snapdragon Spaces, without the Unity AR foundations kit AR Foundation standard settings to be adjusted, you can start to create like FlinkAAR Active AR game for global players to bring a new game mode.”

Overlay XR head of Javier Davalos said:“Snapdragon Spaces allow the Overlay to be able to by means of easy-to-use tool in more platforms to more consumers with our AR app. Our developers will use this platform to build out the application feel to look forward to.”

Snapdragon Spaces Pathfinder program is designed to continue to support the AR innovators to explore the space of the calculation of this cutting-edge technology, has now funded the first batch of developer projects. As part of the plan, the AR innovators will get early access to the platform technology, project Finance, joint marketing and promotion and hardware development kit support. Get the Pathfinder program to support businesses including Arvizio, the Beatshapers, a CareAR And Cognition Labs, the Designium, Digital Dream Labs, a eyecandylab, Flow Immersive, the Holo-Light, homeAR, the Inception XR, Interwoven Worlds, Merge Labs, MSM. digital, NeuroLab, a SYMMETRICAL, the Syncreality, Trace 3d, VictoryXR, the Volucap, WE/AR Studio, WilcoxMedia and Zoe Immersive。

Developers hardware kit is now available for purchase

The first support Snapdragon Spaces of terminal combinations now available, i.e., the Lenovo ThinkReality A3 smart glasses with the motorola edge+(2022)   consisting of the hardware development kit. Thin powerful, fully functional ThinkReality A3 smart glasses powered by the Snapdragon XR1 Platform, equipped with a 800-megapixel RGB camera that can shoot 1080p high-quality video, it also comes with a double Fish-Eye camera, support indoor space positioning. Equipped with the new generation of Snapdragon ® 8 mobile platform of the motorola edge+is able to bring unparalleled performance. Two terminal seamlessly with the developers to get full access to the Snapdragon Spaces permission to explore the unlimited opportunities.

Qualcomm Ventures start  1  billion dollars Xiaolong yuan universe of the Fund and the beginning of the first batch of investment

For further practice of the high-pass technology company driven element of the universe of the development of the mission, Qualcomm Ventures has been to the meta-universe digital health platform developers Tripp, Inc., As well as 3D and XR content management and distribution of the cloud platform echo3D, Inc. For investment. The enterprises in the use of immersive XR, including AR, MR and VR in the terminal to create the next generation of experience transformative, and this investment also demonstrates the company of such business concern and support. The face of the space calculate the New Era, previously announced the establishment of the Snapdragon element of the universe of the Fund hope that by Qualcomm Ventures, the venture capital and high-pass technology company for the content of the project Eco-developer-funded project, the empowerment and support of the entire ecosystem of innovation  in.

About Qualcomm

Qualcomm is the world's leading wireless technology innovator, is also a 5G R & D, commercial and achieve the scale of the driving force. The handle of the machine connected to the Internet, our invention to open the mobile Internet era. Today, we based technology enabling the entire mobile ecosystem, every 3G, 4G and 5G smartphones are our invention. We have the advantage of mobile technology to the automotive, networking, computing and other new industries, creating people and all living things to be able to communicate and interact with a whole new world.

Qualcomm Incorporated includes technology licensing business, QTL, and most of our patent portfolio. High-pass technology company QTI is Qualcomm's wholly owned subsidiary, and its subsidiaries, together with the operations of all of our engineering, research and development activities, as well as all the products and services businesses, including its semiconductor business QCT。

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Qualcomm Ventures by Qualcomm Ventures LLC, or its affiliated entities, conduct business, and since 2000 has been to have the potential to change the world of technology companies for strategic investments. As a global investment institutions, we want to help entrepreneurs create a transformative company, reshape our world.

The developer kit will include a unit is compatible with the Motorola smartphone, the device is affected by regional influences using different machine type name, including the motorola edge+, motorola edge 30 pro or the motorola edge X30。

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