Product introduction


There are many application scenarios of Astro200 intelligent edge station, including safe cities, smart security, smart transportation, smart manufacturing, smart retail, and smart light poles. In these application scenarios, the typical architecture is as follows

End: Connect IPC (IP Camera) or other front-end equipment via wireless or wired
Edge: The edge realizes value information extraction, storage and upload
Cloud: Data center model push, management, development and application


Astro200 is a lightweight edge device of Yuntion for a wide range of edge intelligent application scenarios. It has excellent CPU processing capability, AI computing capability, large-capacity storage, flexible configuration, small size, wide temperature range and high speed. It has the characteristics of high wired and wireless connection speed, strong environmental adaptability, and easy maintenance and management.

It supports dual versions of Android OS and Linux, which can provide customers with rich AI audio and video multimedia processing services, facilitate the secondary development of applications and access to a wide range of Android ecological applications, and can also provide professional, In-depth custom-developed applications in vertical fields based on Linux.

Astro200 is mainly used in intelligent audio and video collection, high-definition display, analysis, data storage and other application scenarios. It can be widely deployed in various edge and central computer rooms to meet the application in complex intelligent terminals, road traffic, communities, parks, shopping malls, supermarkets and other complex environment areas.


Ease of use for edge scenarios
Real-time: It can process data locally to provide real-time responses
Low bandwidth: Only necessary information is sent to the cloud
Privacy Protection: Customers can decide what information is sent to the cloud or kept locally. All information sent to the cloud can be encrypted
Supports standard container engines and supports rapid deployment of third-party algorithms and applications

24-channel video analysis and storage expansion capability
Support 24-channel video analysis capability (maximum 24-channel 1080p decoding, 15TOPS INT8 computing power)
Support 12TB storage capacity expansion, 24-channel 1080p@4Mb stream video cache for 7 days, 8-channel 1080p@4Mb stream video cache for 30 days

Flexible configuration, wireless backhaul
Support WIFI6 dual-band/gigabit LAN transmission
Support optional 5G/4G wireless module

Dual system version, taking into account ecological resource expansion and vertical field specialization
Support Android OS version, quickly access Android ecosystem and convenient application development, and efficiently achieve side-end collaboration
Support Linux OS version, introduce specialized applications and algorithms for vertical fields, and efficiently realize cloud-edge-end collaboration

Powerful multimedia GPU processing capability
Built-in high-performance GPU for outstanding 3D rendering
Support independent VPU and DPU, can realize up to 3 screens with different display function

Product parameters

Hardware   Specification


Qualcomm QCS8250

Three Kryo   Gold Cores 2.419GHz

One Kryo   Gold Prime Core 2.842GHz

Quad   Low-Power Kryo Silver cores 1.805GHz


Default LPDDR4    4GB

(Optional as 8GB)


Default 64GB   UFS2.1

(Optional   as  256GB UFS3.1)

Operating System

Android 10.0


2.4G   5G WIFI

802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax  2x2 MIMO

Bluetooth   v5.1

Video Encoding and Decoding


Picture Format


Power Input

12V DC


1   built-in M.2 interface, expandable to 4G/5G modules


1 10M/100M/1000M  Adaptive Ethernet



6   USB3.1 HOST A port

1   Type-C debug port


1 4K output


1 3.5mm headphone interface


Dual   5W/8R speaker interface

SIM card

1.8V/3/3VPush-Push Micro-SIM card holder

SD card

Push-Push   Micro-SD card holder


2 WIFI/BT SMA interface

4 5G SMA antenna

System Upgrade

Local USB upgrade

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