Product introduction

The GH201 series is the latest generation of highperformance, low-power M2M wireless communication modules that can support up to LTE Cat4. On the same motherboard, it is compatible and supports the global mainstream standards and the global mainstream radio frequency bands. Customers can choose the corresponding frequency bands and models according to specific market needs, and we can also customize the roaming frequency bands required by customers. It Supports global mainstream positioning system GNSS(GPS, BEIDOU,GALILEO,GLONASS). Its size is only 29mm*32mm*2.5mm, which effectively helps customers reduce product size and optimize product cost.

GH201 adopts LCC package which is easier to solder and can realize rapid production through standard SMT equipment. It provides a reliable connection method, especially suitable for automated, large-scale, low-cost modern production. SMT technology also enables GH201 to have high reliability to meet application requirements of complex environments.

With its compact size, ultra-low power consumption and ultra-wide operating temperature range, the GH201 is ideal for M2M applications. It is often used in wireless meter reading, smart city, security, asset tracking, smart home appliances, agriculture and environmental monitoring and many other industries to provide comprehensive SMS and data transmission services.

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